Common sense is not so common anymore, and people really need to get their sh*t together, otherwise, we’re all doomed.

#1 Inception

#2 DNA is toxic, it will make the trash can explode

#3 Probably confused the hell out of him

#4 If only people had red bull in the past

#5 If that was the case we would all be covered in tattoos

#6 People have too much free time on their hands

#7 Asking the real questions

#8 It’s a rap gang thing, don’t ever say it again

#9 You’re in an alternate dimension, we’re all stuck in the matrix

#10 Why is he asking this question, just try it

#11 Are you also allergic to life?

#12 Wiping your ass with maples is not fun at all

#13 So futuristic, we should fund this

#14 You can just pretend that it equals 5