Lily Evans is like any other girl who comes across creeps. I mean, women can’t live their lives peacefully without the intervention of a bunch of creeps wherever they go! The struggle is real, indeed. The protagonist of our article, Lily Evans, encountered a strange man with brimming creepiness! She shared her experiences through a series of tweets which went viral to shocking numbers. This probably happened because all women can genuinely relate to what Lily Evans had to go through. So, let’s have a look at what exactly happened.

#1 Seems like an interesting question to answer.

#2 Something any dog would do…!

#3 Seems liked the normal conversation until the last question.

#4 She gave a nice try to get away from it.

#5 “Why do you even ask that?”

#6 “None of your business, Sir!”

#7 I can already smell the danger.

#8 Whoa! making his intentions clear.

#9 This creep hit a whole new low, ladies, please be safe!

#10 A creepy man! Running seemed to be the only option.


#11 Just imagine her state of mind…


#12 It’s so upsetting to have to find a new route just because a creep doesn’t let you walk in peace.


#13 She is right in saying so.


#14 Ruthless enough!

The experiences that she has come across have led her to give such statements and decide to be the rude girl people don’t really like.

#15 Justification of her choosing to be harsh.

This just came as a justification of her choosing to be harsh with strangers finally.

#16 Just imagine the fear

Just imagine the fear she might be going through. She’ll always be afraid of talking to new people!

#17 Creepy as hell!


#18 Indeed correct


#19 The victim-blaming game.


The story undoubtedly gave us the chills! I’m sure you’re all not warm too! Stay safe ladies.

Image source: Twitter