These 10+ Illustrations That Illustrates What Depression Feels Like


It’s more than just not wanting to get out of bed.

#1 When you have it, you can feel like it can totally overwhelm you at any moment:

Credit: Sylvie Reuter

#2 The real world

Credit: Kristian

#3 Just want to hide yourself

Credit: Ruby

#4 There’s too many people here

Credit: Jenny

#5 As a girl suffering from major panic and depression after losing the love of my life, this is how I feel most days. Nobody knows

Credit: Ray

#6 Self-doubt

Credit: Andrew

#7 Can’t enjoy things

Credit: Eylou

#8 It’ll strike when you least expect it:

Credit: Comic strip by Kelly Angle

#9 Noise In your head feels like this

Credit: Jenny


Credit: Flo Perry

#11 Parkour

you make a close relationship with your bed

Credit: Ryan

#12 Megg and Mogg

Credit: Comic strip by Simon

#13 It’s really hard to talk about what you’re really feeling

Credit: Haejin

#14 Especially when you think you won’t be taken seriously:

Credit: Haejin


Credit: Meghan


Credit: Kristian

#17 It’s hard to find joy in the things you used to love doing:

Credit: Jenny

#18 It feels like a constant companion:

Animation by Matthew Johnstone for the World Health Organization.

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Source: Buzzfeed