We Have ‘The Incredible Hulk’ in Real and this is What he Eats!


I remember sitting in front of my television tuning into the Hulk series as a child. Do you? The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Avengers: Infinity War, etc. name a movie that has him, I have watched them all. As startled as I get while reading about the Superhero I was amazed when I heard about Hulk existing in real life. What benumbed me more was his diet that makes him a doppelgänger of our beloved Hulk.

Sajad Gharibi, widely known as the “Iranian Hulk” has created a buzz out of the social media channels with his physique similar to the Marvel’s superhero. Applauded for his desirous body-built, this Iranian man has a following of 392K people on Instagram. Having such stature at the age of 26 is indeed inspiring. 188 cms in height and 180 kgs in weight, he calls himself a Powerlifter.

And, his quirky bio also says, “The Persian Hercules.”

But, the question is what has helped him get this enviable body. How did he transform into the Superhero Hulk? Exercise and training being obvious, his diet too has played an important role. Have a look at what this Incredible Hulk eats.