As humans, we have our own preferences regarding what to eat, wear, go and naturally to whom to love. Also, it is no secret that the last choice is often judged and contradicted by others when it comes to loving someone who is of the same sex as you are. The youngsters around the world took upon themselves to challenge this narrow-mindedness and bring a breeze of change. As a matter of fact, Pride Month is celebrated every year in different countries. The people who are a part of this brainstorming act, stand for the equality and respect which the LGBTQ community deserves.

To commemorate this great cause, Cosmopolitan, in 2016 took the help of famous illustrator Isaiah Stephens. He had first sketched Disney Princesses embracing the same-sex love. Later looking at the amazing response he went onto sketching the princes too.

“June is gay pride month, so earlier this month I drew princesses in love with each other,” Isaiah wrote on his Instagram profile.

Have a look at these dazzling masterpieces below-

#1 Princess Snow White and Anna

Get me a child who says he or she has never heard about the story of utterly beautiful Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I believe out of 100 only .0% would raise their hand if this question is asked. Now, draw a picture of this prettiness deeply in love with Princess of Arendelle, Anna. Indeed mesmerizing!

Source- Isaiahks_art

#2 Mulan and Pocahontas

How about the duo of the eight official Disney Princess Mulan and Disney’s 33rd animated feature film Pocahontas’ title character Pocahontas?

Source- Isaiahks_art

#3 Flynn and Naveen

When two handsome ends meet, a fascinating explosion is obvious.

Source- Isaiahks_art

#4 Prince Eric and John Smith

“June is gay pride month, so earlier this month I drew princesses in love with each other. And now, to commemorate the occasion my friends at Cosmopolitan asked me to illustrate a set of Disney Princes in love with…each other! #LoveIsLove ❤️💛💚💙💜 Here’s Prince Eric and John Smith!”, says Stephens on his Instagram post below.

#5 Ariel and Jasmin

The red-haired princess with a green mermaid tail and blue eyes, Ariel, proves to be one of the prettiest Disney Princesses. Matching to her level is Princess Jasmin, the beloved of Aladdin, or should I say the new beloved of Princess Ariel?

#6 Shang and Aladdin

Now that Jasmin has Ariel, why should Aladdin be alone? Meet the new couple in love, Shang and Aladdin!

#7 Aurora and Cinderella

What if Aurora was to find Cinderella’s left behind shoe? Then this would have happened.

#8 Hans and Kristoff

Have a look at the Antagonist of 2013 Disney Movie, Frozen, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles falling in love with the charming Kristoff.

Source- isaiahks_art

#9 Elsa and Tiana

Wrestling with a mighty secret what if Elsa would have collided with Tiana and had forgotten about all her worries?

#10 Tarzan and Hercules

The king of Jungle and the powerful Hercules. Isn’t it a match made in heaven?

This was some awesome stuff. Don’t you think so? Indeed a creative initiative by Cosmopolitan and the super talented Isaiah K Stephens.