21 Things Men Don’t Want You To Try During Love Making


If you think that a guy will take any sex, you might be possibly wrong. To your surprise, many men have a list of things they don’t want during sex.

Do you want to know what the turn-offs for guys are? Then check out these 21 things men never want women to do during sex.

Don’t worry if you do some of these. You can try not to repeat it.

1. Stopping Him In Middle Of Sex For Pee.

Stopping in the middle is irritating; it disconnects the flow which all men hate. So, better make sure you get done with all your things before stepping into the bed.

2. Use Your Teeth During A Blow Job.

Most guys don’t like when girls use teeth during a blow job. Teeth are not fun to many. Better make sure what your partner prefers before you do it.

3. Fake An Orgasm.

This can be a worst thing a girl do is to pretend to have an orgasm. Girls, there is just no need of it and no man likes that. So, better you don’t fake!

4. Avoid Eye Contact. Because You’re Embarrassed About Your Body.

No matter what, never avoid eye contact from your partner, as it makes them feel like you’re not interested or they have made any mistake.

5. Be Rough With Balls.

Never be harsh with the balls. Be gentle!

6. Repeat Use Of Words That You’ve Heard In Porn.

Most guys like the kind of talk you see in Porn, but that doesn’t meant keep on repeating it as it may sound irritating after some point.

7. Men Don’t Like Their Partner To Remain Completely Silent.

Always try to have a conversation with your man. A man appreciates a talk as it shows the interest of the girl towards them. Else, it makes them feel like you’re not interested.

8. Exaggerated And Unrealistic Moans.

Again one of the worst things girls do is to create unrealistic moans. Try to be your self rather pretending as guys can easily guess out if you’re faking.

9. Allow Dogs And Cats Onto The Bed With You.

Not all men will be a pet lover even if they are, they will surely not like to entertain your pet during his and your moment. So, better lock your room or let them play out when you’re having sex.

10. Scratch Your Partner Hard.

Another irritating thing is to scratch your partner hard. In case you’re thinking that scratching their back will turn them on, well, you’re entirely wrong. It actually turns guys off so a big time no to this.

12. Kiss Him After Blowjob.

Well, it can be a complete gross to some of them, so better try to read out the reaction of your guy when you’re going to kiss him after bj. For most guys, this thing doesn’t bother them much, but every guy is not the same so better check out the reaction of your partner or ask him beforehand.

13. Compare To One Of Your Ex During Sex.

Comparison of your ex with your partner during sex can turn them off badly. It can hurt their feelings and maybe next time they might not feel comfortable to get open up with you.

14. Laugh At Him During His Dirty Talks.

Well, this is something you have to be careful as when you laugh at their dirty talks, it can show how much you’re involved or taking interest toward them.

15. Put A Finger In His Ass Without His Concern.

A bad move girl!

16. Taking Selfies.

Stop being annoying and stop embarrassing your partner by taking selfies during or after sex. You never know how much this can piss them off.

17. Watching Time.

Don’t be a troubled headcase during sex. Who even does this?

18. Pretend To Had A Good Time When Clearly You Hadn’t.

This is like the relationship is likely going nowhere and nobody will appreciate that So better not to pretend in case you didn’t like it tell it better than doing acting.

19. Call Him With Wrong Name.

Oops! That will be the last mistake of your sex life. Any guy will never show up again if they hear a wrong name from your mouth instead of their.

20. Give Him Blue Balls.

Blue balls are not acceptable at all. In case you want don’t want to ruin a good sex experience, you better learn how to play well.