Aja Trier, a full-time professional artist since 2003, has her own business named Sagittarius Gallery. Trier is quite famous for her clever arts using van Gogh’s swirling Starry Night style.

Trier believes in looking at the world through different eyes and finds this world-famous work as her inspiration. She has been using her inspiration in creating her own world of pups under the sky.

Trier’s recent Starry Night series talks about the same where she showcases these beloved four-legged friends in van Gogh style. Her each portrait is a combination of spiralling clouds and sparkling stars with a unique color touch.

Let’s have a look at some of her fabulous art styles and get into the world of dogs, stars, sky and what not.

1. One brilliant and sophisticated poodle!

2. Anyone can fall in love with his distinguished look!

3. This sweet little Bichon’s pink tongue is giving him quite a character look.