Van Gogh’s famous swirling starry night style of art has been highly appreciated by artists and art enthusiasts all around the globe. One of them is Aja Trier, who has taken this idea to a whole new level through her art! She has used the starry night background to bring out the beauty in the ‘models’ who stand before it.
But, there’s specifically good news for the ‘paw lovers’! Aja Trier has created a series of paintings of some adorable four-legged friends. Can’t wait to introduce them to you. Scroll on to witness the magic of art!

#1 The Majestic pooch looks no less than the lion king!

#2 This ‘gentle dog’ seems to be straight out of the 18th century!

#3 Is it just me, or he does look like Tin Tin’s dog? Anyway, he looks perfect with the starry night background.

#4 This handsome hunk is a perfect fit for the role of a ‘super dog’ in any ‘Doggy wood’ movie!

#5 The ‘Pawdorability’ of this image is too high!

#6 Quite cute and innocent right! With a peaceful and befitting background.

#7 The pooch, the starry night, and the perfect set of plants around!

#8 Talking to the moon…! If I’m not wrong, he’s trying to get to Bruno Mars! *duh*

#9 Just a cute beagle appreciating art.

#10 The snowcapped mountains and our snow-white pooch

#11 Just one word, Fierce.

#12 Tired fur ball

#13 Just some Doggified cuteness!

#14 I wonder what he’s thinking…!

#15 Up for having treats

#16 Majestic and beautiful

#17 Moon-gazing doggo

#18 The serenity of the pooch and the moon combined is mind-blowing.

#19 If peace had a face!

#20 This fab doggo is definitely giving a fierce competition to the moon!

#21 Just four happy feet enjoying the florals.

#22 He is the most handsome, we guess!

#23 “She looked at the moon, but I looked at her”

#24 “I’ll be there for you…” F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Image source: SagittariusGallery