Horror movies/ stories are so fun to watch/read. Anything is possible in them, and most of the time, the protagonists are the stupidest characters ever. A story is horrifying if it had too little or too much detail. The ones where there is practically no detail, and only the skeleton of the story remains are the scariest. Because such stories leave it to you to think and finish them. Throughout history, there have been countless stories written in the least amount of words. Such short stories are known as Flash fiction
One such example is, “For sale: Baby shoes, Never worn,” this popular flash fiction by Ernest Hemingway is the shortest story in literature. It is super popular and is an example of a full story written in very few words. The stories which tell the entire tale in very few words are known as Flash Fiction. These stories cover Horror, Drama, Sadness, Melancholy, and sometimes straight-up insanity.

Two sentence stories are thrilling and can be incredibly creepy due to the lack of details that humanize a story.

1. Just imagine the victim’s horror.

2. And, the little children believed that teacher.

3. Super terrible sarcastic one.

4. Was the child dead, the unborn or an alien?