With the passage of time, many boring things have turned into interesting. for example, the signboards on the doors of the toilet! Yes, you heard that right. Toilet sign boards are being toyed around by various artists around the world in the best way possible and I’m┬áhere to show you some of their masterpieces.

These two hands pointing at each other seem like they are blaming each other like any regular couple. They make it seem so confusing to find the right door for the right person!

this mirage effect toilet is worth appreciation as anyone would easily be fooled for a few seconds into locating a closed space out there!

Whoops! this one can be offensive to some but to the ones who are always up for some light humor, this one’s definitely going to crack you up.

Ehm Ehm. there’s something missing in the hot dog on the girls side.

Who does that to pizza? This artist is not going to Heaven for sure.