Artist Makes “Porcelain” Weapons To Explore What It Means To Be A Woman


Helena Hauss, a Paris-based artist, is a known for her incredibly detailed ball-point pen drawings, she recently got huge attention from the Internet for sculpting a series of highly unusual objects like a grenade, a baseball bat, an axe and a morning star.
Yes, this french artist actually created ceramic weapons to express her feeling, which contains a powerful message for our society, and everyone must check it out.

Artist Chooses To Create These Delft Blue pottery As A Way To Challenge Our Perception Of Femininity

She named her ongoing porcelain series as ‘hell hath no fury.’ The artist elaborated that these collection of weapons are the symbol of “the inner strength and fury that comes with being a woman, in contrast to an appearance of delicacy we’re too often branded with.”

Hauss told to media how women have frequently been defined as the weaker sex and are always being preyed on or diminished in some way or another. “Too often portrayed as fragile and delicate, this project is an expression of the contrasting subtleties that come with femininity, as well as an attempt at vindication from a feeling of constant vulnerability that’s been forced upon us” – Hauss discussed the inspiration behind her sculptures.

The sculptures may look fragile to everyone, but they are actually sturdy. The artist used polyurethane for sculpting that look like porcelain. “I wanted something strong that wouldn’t break easily, as a metaphor for its subject. Something that would look like Porcelain but actually isn’t,” – Hauss explained.

When asked Hauss about the purpose behind her art, she said that she wanted her work to express her personal feelings, not for any political attention. She told her art is sincere expression of herself – “We’re too often perceived as something we’re not, and the best way to change that is to actually show ourselves, make ourselves be seen, be heard.”

You can watch some of the painting process in the video below!