Pixie And Brutus Comics To Brighten Up Your Day!


Dogs and cats lovers who have been standing against each other arguing who is the cutest of them all. Well, here is something for you! Presenting ‘Pet Foolery‘ stars Pixie the innocent kitten & Brutus the German Shepherd war veteran who is going to put peace to this topic, as their creator has made a hilarious and cute web-comic in which both of them look adorable.
These cute duos are winning all pet lovers’ heart within no time. We are showing you some of the most recent adventures the adorable duo went through! Check it down here now!


His comic becomes a real phenomenon on the internet, gaining more and more followers. He recently has over 2 million followers who follow Pixie and Brutus stories on Instagram. Also, more than 15,000 people support him on Patreon.  He wrote “It was like one moment I was doing illustration on Instagram as a side-job for some extra money, then all of a sudden I had over a million followers, and illustration became my full-time job!”


In an interview, the artist talked about his inspiration for this cartoon series. He spoke of the characters as well. He mentioned Pixie as a tiny, energetic small innocent kitten who is not aware of the dangerous surroundings around her. On the other hand, Brutus is a large and dangerous German Shepherd who used to be a military working dog. After his retirement, he got adopted Pixie’s owner. Brutus is a very serious and intimidating military dog who protects Pixie from the harsh reality of the world.