Ryan Reynolds Outdoes Himself With Unflattering Pics of Blake Lively on Her Birthday


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, do we really need to introduce this couple to you? They’re the super cute, stunning, totally hilarious, and one of the most favorite couples on the internet! And they have backed this title with the help of Ryan’s horrible baking skills and Blake’s cropped out pictures. Well, all that they share is too damn funny and so much indulging that their fan following doesn’t seem to stop growing anytime soon! They are that ‘Best friend’ kind of couple who are always bubbly and happy, and busy pulling each other’s leg. This year on Blake’s birthday, Ryan shared some pictures of her that might have left her embarrassed, but who cares? Not Blake Lively for sure! Their definition of fun is just too damn clear and healthy. Let’s have a look at the pictures Ryan shared on Blake’s birthday:

Now, that’s quite adorable picture to share.

blake lively ryan

Picture with the public backdrop is sometimes mandatory even for celebs.

blake lively birthday

Blake! Hey look into the camera.

blake birthday pictures

Well, Ryan is trying really hard, but Blake is just too damn gorgeous to look worse in any picture! Look at her innocent and tired look, yet she looks stunning!

A perfectly posed picture but the wrong timing just took a toll on Blake! Lucky Ryan.

Oh god! Can she ever look bad? NEVER! I have started getting jealous now, and I can’t even open my front camera accidentally without feeling ugly!

Blur yet a cute one. She looks so bubbly, happy, beautiful, and what not!

Well, that’s a good picture out there! Ryan and Blake look completely cozy and smitten in this.

Oh, this one is a failed selfie where Blake’s looks came out different!

selfie blake lively ryan reynolds

And here comes the last one yet not the least!

Tell us what do you think about this celebrity couple! Aren’t they cute together. Let us know in the comments section below. 

Source: https://www.instagram.com/vancityreynolds/