Source : BoredPanda

#1 As of recently, a new Moon landing conspiracy theory has been surfacing on the internet


#3 But some people weren’t convinced by it and decided to check the facts

#4 They found that Armstrong and the other crew members did wear the Apollo/Skylab A7L suit pictured above

#5 But they had more gear. Namely, overshoes with treaded soles

#6 And for the record, the footprint in the other photograph isn’t even Armstrong’s, it belongs to Buzz Aldrin

#7 The overshoes provided extra protection from rips, tears, and dust to the basic spacesuits

#8 This X-ray was taken as a last minute check to see if there were any foreign objects that could compromise the integrity of the spacesuit during the mission

#9 The boots left distinctive footprints that can be seen in numerous other images from the mission

#10 And if you’re still skeptical, go to the Moon for a closer look

#11 “The first footprints on the Moon will be there for a million years. There is no wind to blow them away”

#12 But why the overshoes aren’t at the museum like the rest of Armstrong’s gear?

#13 The crew left behind about 100 items on the Moon as a weight saving measure. The list includes not only TV lenses and bodily fluids, but the infamous shoes as well


People were incredibly amused to hear such a ridiculous theory