Man Warns Neighbor Not Illegally Extended Land, Gets Ignored, Later Karma Shows Up And Tears His Yard Down


A Reddit user MLC200 narrated the story of how his grandfather spotted his neighbour illegally extending the boundaries of his land. When his grandpa approached the neighbour to stop doing this, they told him to “mind his own damn business.” But, later the neighbour regretted ignoring the old man wise words and learned a lesson for life.

This is how the karma showed up!

A Reddit user posted a story on Reddit about how his grandpa warned the neighbour to stop land-grabbing.

The neighbour aggressively asked this radiator’s grandpa to mind his own business.

So, the moral of the story is you should stop being a jerk and listen to someone’s wise advice because it may help your ass from getting burnt.

MLC2001’s neighbour ended up losing his car and golf cart, while his yard was torn up because of his illegally act of grabbing lands. And also not paying attention to the pensioner’s advice.

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