Man Rescues Starving Husky Off The Streets, He Never Dreamed Her Transformation Would Be So Beautiful


Bali can be rightfully called as the land of stray dogs. While walking past the streets of Bali you are bound to encounter a number of these cute creatures. But, the sad part of this is that many of the dogs who are in need of human assistance get unnoticed because of their large numbers.

But, as we know, to every problem there is a superhero! Rico is the superhero in this case. Although Rico already has four rescue dogs, his soft heart made him decide to help a starving husky who was left abandoned on the streets of Denpasar.

The husky was in a poor health condition and looked shabby without its fur. Not to forget, he looked really skinny and his bones were discretely visible from above his skin itself. Rico had no option but to save the poor creature either by hook or crook.