Trashmaid – Well, what does that make you think of? Sadly, that’s an apt name for an imaginary mermaid living in the 21st century. You ask why? All credit goes to the tremendous amount of trash people dispose of in the sea every day. Trashmaid is a 21st-century imaginary mermaid living a trashy life within the ocean. An Instagram page has tried to raise awareness on a critical issue of unclean seas and water bodies through its illustrations about the imaginary ‘trashmaid.’ Here, we will get acquainted with some imaginary adventures and some daily life scenarios of the Trashmaid. So, scroll down to witness the dark side of the world we are living in.

Source: Instagram || Youtube

#1 Isn’t she cute? Her dress looks ‘uncool’ though…

#2 A normal burp that is not so normal for this creature inside sea life.

#3 When the Trashmaid found some thrown cigarettes.

Oh No! The poor creature thinks it as eatable.

An obvious circumstance raised unknowingly!