Someone Reimagined Keanu as All Your Favorite Disney Princes


We sure hope Keanu Reeves isn’t tired of being a meme yet because this might be the best thing we’ve ever seen. (Seriously, our hearts are beating so fast just thinking about him!) Keanu has been reimagined as all the Disney princes … and TBH, we can’t stop looking at these masterpieces.

Source: Instagram | Disney

#1 Keanu does make a pretty dashing Aladdin.

#2 Here he is as Prince Charming from Cinderella.

#3 He’s also Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid.

#4 Keanu does make a pretty dashing Phillip.

#5 John Smith from Pocahontas, anyone?

#6 Keanu Reeves as Li Shang.

#7 He’s also the prince from Snow White …

#8 and Prince Naveen from Princess & The Frog.

#9 Keanu Reeves as The Beast.

Are you as obsessed with him as the rest of the world is, or are you not a big fan? Comment down below and let us know.