Japan is quite a country of large cultural heritage. So, the trend of narrating and passing on the mystery of Yokai from generation to generation also couldn’t be avoided. Yokai are creepy looking supernatural creatures that are believed to exist since the mythological times!

Here we have gathered some of the most horrific ones for you to have a look at:



Well, this supposedly horrific creature has one and only one ability, scratching the backs of people on spots they can’t reach. I’m not even kidding slightly.


You might have heard the saying,”Even walls have ears”. This creature proves a modified version of it,”Even walls have eyes”. As soon as the ill-treated paper doors called Shoji in Japan develop holes in them, they are occupied by the eyes of this creepy creature!


His name is derived from the sound it makes from his slippers while following people at night! All you need to do to get rid of this monster is to chant Betobeto-San.