Tim Burton has spellbound the world with his amazing eerie style. A Los Angeles based talented artist Andrew Tarusov has beautifully recreated the Tim Burton versions of some classic Disney movies which are a hit among the audience.

A spooky Rafiki holding a spooky Simba on a spooky spiral hill inspired by The Nightmare before Christmas, still managing to look adorable!

Bambi seems like a deer you would not mess with! Moreover, he seems to have a resemblance to The corpse bride.

Well, The beauty seems to look scarier than the beast in this one! The beast, in fact, looks cute to me *duh*.

That bat wings shaped tail though! Should rightly be renamed as The little Sea monster! Also, there is something about spirals that you will find them in every cute cum spooky picture.

Damn! Pinocchio seems to look like Annabelle’s cousin! Totally glad that I hate toys when I’m finally a grown person and not in my childhood.

Seems more like a mad scientist standing by a body and trying to do some experiments on it! I just hope she stays safe!

This one probably looks like a Haunted house with a hundred and one dog ghosts in it! Well, I’m not afraid of going in at all. Wanna come along?

Dumbo seems like a frustrated elephant who has been tired of being called dumb and wants revenge *duh*.

Snow white or the queen of spiders? The latter seems to do justice to her character in the picture above! She more precisely resembles a witch or her stepmom here.

It just seems like a living dead (oxymoron intended) couple traveling on a carpet going to take revenge with the person who killed them before they could unite!

The artist did a great job in expanding the horizons of our imaginations and helping us recreating our favorite Disney movies in a twisted manner. It was a fun ride.