A Funny Accurate Guide On How To Identify Famous Painters By Their Art


If you’re probably not a fan of Art history but need to impress someone who loves art, then anything else well here is your big cheat sheet to impress them right away!

Yes, a big thanks to the internet again where a Reddit user DontTacoBoutIt created a stupid but accurate easy -to-guide on how to recognize the work of famous painters which will instantly going to help you out on your next visit to an art museum.

Scroll down now and brace yourself!

#1 Van Eyck – If Everyone Looks Like Putin

#2 Rembrandt – If All Looks Like Hobos Illuminated Only By A Dim Streetlamp

#3 Dali – Everything Looks Like What You Saw On Your Acid Trip Last Night

#4 Bosch – If The Paintings Have Lots Of Little People In Them But Also Have A Ton Of Crazy Bulls#%t

#5 Da Vinci – If You See All Wavy-haired Women In Front of A Lord Of The Rings landscape With Weird Blue Mist.

#6 Manet – If You See Dappled Light And Unhappy Party-Time People

#7 Monet – If You See Dappled Light But No Figures

#8 Renoir – If You See Dappled Light And Happy Party-Time People

#9 Michelangelo – Everyone Is Naked And F$%king Jacked.

#10 Mondrian – Excel Sheet Filled With Color

#11 Titian – If You See Tortured Face With Dark Background Then You Should Guess Out Whose Art It Is

#12 Bruegel – When You See Lots Of Tiny People But Everything Is In Good Shape

#13 Caravaggio – If You See All Men Look Like Curly Haired Woman With Cow – Eyed

#14 Rubens – If Everyone In The Paintings Has Enormous Asses

#15 Frida – If You See Face Of A Uni-Browed Woman In Every Painting

#16 El Greco – If Everything Is Highly-Contrasted And Sharp, Sort Of Bluish, And Everyone Has Gaunt Bearded Faces

#17 Boucher – If You See A Few Chubby Cupids Or Sheep Added (Or Already Has Them) In The Paintings Then You Know Whose Name To Say!

#18 Picasso – If Everybody Has Some Sort Of Body Malfunction

#19 Degas – If You See A Ballerina In All Paintings