These Bears Kept Coming To A Man’s Bee Farm To Steal Honey, And Now They’re Helping Him In Making Rich


Those who have watched the classic tale Winne the pooh it’s no secret that bears love honey.
It’s not at all surprising in real life to see them going to extreme length to get their honey fix. No matter whatever they have to do, even if it means breaking into somebody’s owned bee farm.

These unwanted guests are very common to see in any bee farms, but as they cause too many damages, the owners of farms try their best to keep them away from beehives. Just like others, this Turkish beekeeper was also trying his best to not welcomed these adorable apex predators on his farm. But soon he realized that he couldn’t stop them in any way from thrashing the hives.

So, he came out with a complete genius idea. Which is now making him rich. Keep scrolling to know about this heartwarming story.

Specializes in Beekeeping this agricultural engineer from Trabzon, Turkey, was struggling from quite a while with local wild bears in his farm who used to eat up all the honey and honeycomb.

After seeing the damage hives, Sedef tried to secure it with metal cages around them. He also tried distracting bears by keeping food such as fruits and pieces of bread in an attempt to save the hives from getting trashed by them. Sadly, nothing worked well.

So, he decided to learn more about their movements and behavior by installing a photo trap camera and kept track of them.

While figuring out ways to handle the situations, Sedef came up with a brilliant idea.

And that was taking advantage of their presence on his farm. He let them try out all types of honey of his farm just like a honey taster. Well, what can be a better idea than this, right? We all know all bear has a good taste for honey.

He decided to setup a ‘tasting table’with 4 pots of different honey for the bears to feast on. And this step was a success. The results turned out amazing.

Their unique tasting sense of honey helped him out in selecting the best honey from the samples over others. He observed that most of them were drawn to Anzer.

If you don’t know let me tell you that in Turkey Anzer is the most demanding honey. The 2 pounds of this famous Turkey honey sells for more than $300.