This Iconic Letter By A Grandfather Saved The Gay Grandson

Homophobia is not just the fear of people even with the use of this word. It is the backward mentality which projects dislike and prejudice against Uranian people. This mentality believes heterosexual people to be superior, which is a complete orthodox and baseless ideology.

More often than not, homophobes use their religion to explain their prejudice. They use their faith to justify discrimination. Quite some times, families disown or throw their children out of the house only because the child isn’t heterosexual. The innocent child ends up homeless or in trouble unless someone steps in to help them.

This is what happened with a boy named Chad! His mother, Christine, threw him out of the house and disowned him because Chad told her that he is gay. Lucky for him, his grandfather was not homophobic and saved him from trouble. The grandfather then wrote a sharp letter to his daughter, Chad’s mother that condemned her for what she had done. He further told her that its not Chad’s sexuality that is a sin. But instead, the sin is her mentality and her actions. He scolded her thoroughly in the letter and then told her that he had now disowned her. In the end, he suggested that if she wants back into the family, she should call and apologize.
When Chad found out about the letter, he uploaded it on the internet, and everyone (except for a few homophobes) celebrated his grandfather for being amazing. Many people stepped up with their own stories and congratulated Chad on being fortunate enough.


Have a look at few of the best comments posted online.

1. Love for the entire family

family love

2. Sweet embrace

sweet embrace

3. Fathers should learn to be supportive like this

4. Indeed!

5. Ruling mommy

6. This guy is lucky too!

7. Love is beautiful only if it’s unconditional.

8. Yeah! Someone got the award

9. Its beautiful seeing the parents step-up

10. We agree!

11. Absolutely


12. Win-Win supporting grandma’s

13. Grandpa rules

14. This comment perfectly captured our feelings.

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