10+ Gordon Ramsay Moments That Are Absolutely Perfect And Hilarious


Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that Gordon Ramsey has made you laugh at one point or another. Many people would consider him to be their favorite chef and TV personality.

Source: Pleated-Jeans

#1 This is so accurate omg haha

#2 He’s good and he isn’t ashamed of admitting it

#3 He never sugar coats it

#4 Classic Gordon Haha !

#5 They look alike and they’re even dressed the same

#6 Daaaammmn, apply cold water on the burned area

#7 Even pigeons are not safe from his insults

#8 He can’t help being funny


#10 Pretty sassy for a child

#11 His insults are just the best

#12 He can intimidate pretty much anyone on this planet

#13 This one will always be my personal favorite

#14 Aggressively passionate about cooking



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