Freddy Krueger-Iconic Horror Movie Killer-Nancy’s Father???

A Nightmare on Elm Street was one of the most memorable horror movies of the eighties. It was terrifying, bold, and put a fresh take on the classic horror film. Where the typical horror movie villain was a physical embodiment, Freddy Krueger was conjured up from people’s nightmares. He terrorized his victims and when they were at their most vulnerable, slice them up with his right-hand glove claw.

Although they are many theories swirling around about Freddy, like where he gets his powers and how to actually kill him, one that is particularly interesting and I think most unlikely, is the theory that Freddy Kreuger is actually the main character Nancy’s father. The origins of Freddy is explained courtesy of Nancy’s mother.

It’s easy to speculate that her mother could have been close with Freddy, and go as far as to have his children. I can understand where this theory would come about. Freddy seems to have a special relationship with Nancy in the movie; how he stalks and terrorizes her but doesn’t actually try to kill her. The deleted scene where Nancy’s mother reveals that Freddy killed her sibling also certainly would make one think of such a theory.

I find this whole theory highly unlikely just due to the fact that this would have been a major plot twist and should have been revealed and explained further, if not in the original definitely in the later movies. I feel the reason why Nancy’s mother knows so much about Freddy is just due to the fact that she had a terrifying experience with him in her early life, and the reason why Nancy is weeded out from everyone in terms of murdering is just because she’s the daughter of the woman that helped burn him alive.

We’ll probably never know for sure, but that’s what makes these fan theories fun to come up with. Nobody has to be wrong or right and everyone has fun wondering.

What do you think of this theory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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