Your Favourite Disney Movies Explained In Less Than 45 Words

Disney movies are the definition of our childhood. Those beautiful characters, perfect princes and princesses and the best music. These movies aren’t complete without their happy ever afters, the dramatic flair of all the characters and grand gestures.

But what if these movies were more practical, what if the characters behaved in the manner of an average individual. What if these movies had more common sense than drama.

Read the rewritten super-shortened plots of your favourite Disney films below:

1. Aladdin

Obviously, if you’re given three wishes, atleast one of the wishes has to be more wishes!

2. Snow-White

Snow didn’t need a prince to come save her. She had seven people who would have helped her easily. But alas, she chose to wait for her true love.

3. Mulan

A dragon! What won’t you give to meet a dragon in real life! Who in their right mind would be distracted by someone else’s genitals when they can meet a dragon.

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