6 Disney Characters That Are Just Like Someone We All Knew In High School

How many times have we called someone a cartoon? Well, in a fun way, I must admit I have said it to many! But, what if you feel someone has beautiful long hair like Rapunzel ? Or Someone has a perfect figure just like Jasmine! I bet in our high school we might have met at least a handful of people who have a resemblance to various Disney characters. I’ve made it easy for you to decide who possesses the traits of which character!

The Lumiere

This one’s a party animal type of cartoon character who is always happy to have guests! And of course, who would not like to have a friend like that? The perfect hotspot of all your major get-togethers is generally his/her house and this character is quite good a host.

The Tiana

This character gets transformed on kissing a slime like creature!

The Hercules

Uh! This one’s quite pressurized by his/her parents to keep their prestige maintained. This poor character can be found with his/her head dug in books most of the time!

The Cinderella

I bet you have at least one ‘Cinderella’ in your gang who always spoils the fun by not being present for some major get-togethers! Blame it on her strict parents though.

The Fox & the Hound

These ones are quite many in our lives and looking at them just makes us feel nostalgic and angry sometimes. But, that’s life and we gotta find many more interesting people along the journey!

The Hans

Uh Oh! I think we all have a big list of hopeless crushes who didn’t really were our type. Nevermind, there is no lack of love in this world!

I can bet you have at least had one friend similar to all these cartoon characters mentioned above. If not, you are probably missing out on some major fun in life!


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