25+ Dark Humor Illustrations That Tell The Story Of The Modern World’s Problems

Seldom do we pay attention to the meaningful reality hidden behind the lives we are living these days. We remain in our fantasy world and do the things that are turning and shaping our lives to something we would have ever imagined. We go through destructions, failures, losses, but what we are not able to cope up with is the reality hidden behind all.
Here are the great artworks of the artists depicting the modern world’s problems through these dark humor illustrations.
Snag these amusing arts and drench into the world of reality that is being hidden under a fancy mask. Have a look at them.

1. Can you guess who is following who?

2. Running away can become a cause of your death.

3. When you see something more significant than your death bed.

4. Honey, I have a confession too…

5. When all you are left with is…

6. The literal meaning of Superheroes has been changed literally!

7. For the sake of change…

8. And I give you my heart, Baby.

9. And this is just the opposite of ‘Tit for Tat’!

10. Blessing for some but curse for many.


11. Carve the love as per your choice.

12. How do you see someone, and how do they see you!


13. And we are just killing the mother earth!

14. Wanna some Unicorn ice-cream?


15. Not everyone is as lucky as you are.

16. When you don’t value something that you have for free.


17. Are you in the business of selling happiness?

18. The only mantra to remember in this modern world!


19. Now, which one would you choose?

20. So are you ready to trap me up?


21. I am on a diet, like seriously!

22. Because the extinct is nearer.


23. Can I mark some on your body?

24. Because scratch matters more than real pain.


25. The only wish the gen-z could have.

26. Swipe me up, and I’ll suck you up.


27. People change, and so do their tastes.


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