There is Famous Saying That Apple Doesn’t Fall away from the tree. But is it possible that apple falls near than this?. The Womb wars of The Father’s genes definitely won when This artist illustrate in his World’s Most Beloved Comic book Heroes becoming Dads. He used his Imagination out of the box, and it’s incredible.
The Name Of This artist is Lucas Eduardo Nascimento, also known as Dragonite on social media. He Has 110k Fans on Facebook and more than 80 thousand followers on Instagram. This Brazilian Artist Create a Comic Series Of Unique Concept where He showed Adorable Meeting Of Our Favorite Superheroes And their Cute Babies In the Maternity Ward. Those babies With their Extraordinary Powers like their daddy Make them Proud And melt our hearts.

We Hope that These tini-tiny Superheroes Had Their Own special Sequel Of famous Comics. But yet Marvel And DC have to See this creativity of a Brazil-based artist. we wish They will found out the creator’s potential and appreciate it’s creativity

It’s not necessity That you have to be a fan of cute newborns or menacing superheroes. But You will surely Enjoy these Father and son moment. and appreciate the imagination of this artist

#1 Batman’s Baby

It Seems That Batman’s Son Prefer to Sleep On Roof and Batman feels proud to see his son has the same interest like him :P.

#2 Deadpool’s Baby

Baby Deadpool Also love to do Crazy Things Like his dad. It seems that Deadpool Also can’t wait to do fun with his tiny xerox copy.

#3 Robocop’s Baby

#4 Spider-Man’s Baby

when you wanna follow in your dad’s footsteps, but you’re not as talented, so you find your own way to do things

#5 Iron Man’s Baby

It’s Seems That Iron Man i telling To his Son “C’mon kid, by the time I was your age, I’d already built a nuclear reactor in my nursery.”

#6 Chuck Norris’s Son

It seems That he is not a super hero But A super lover :p

#7 Alien’s Baby

alien loves his/her kid no matter how they look! touching:)

#8 Flash’s Baby

It seems That Mama Flash would Have Lot’s of trouble to catch this baby. Good luck to her

#9 Hawk’s Baby

That’s a little hawkward

#10 Torch’s Baby

Baby torch Is On fire, But other babies are so scared to make noise I think it’s due to Hulk’s baby. he seems Very angry

#11 Martian’s Baby

It’s obvious That  Baby martian Has his daddy’s superpower. but wait look at Kardashian’s baby taking selfie And Mib J’s Baby

#12 Aquaman’s Baby

Hey aquababy water you doing . and I also wonder How a baby can sleep in water :/

#13 Fantastic Baby

I feel bad for the mom the baby’s birth must have been painful

#14 Wolverine’s Baby

Well, I guess if they got their father’s healing abilities the cigar wouldn’t kill them.