It takes blood, sweat, tears and a ton of money to make a wedding perfect because you are only doing it once, right? Well, this Twitter user, 0lspicykeychain that is part of a “wedding shaming” group on Facebook, tweeted a very hilarious and embarrassing wedding story.

The bride had a plan. She requested that all her guests pay $1,500 each to help pay for the wedding. She obviously thought it was going to work, but much to her surprise only eight people RSVP’ed. Shocking, right?

Anyway, so she went on and had a complete meltdown, to say the least. Her fiance then suggested having a cheaper Las Vegas wedding, but she didn’t want to know anything about it.

Have a look down below at the biggest wedding fiasco that you have probably ever seen.

Of all the wedding stories this is the one you really need to read.

Here it goes!

Sounds, like a true love story.

Not sure anyone has asked their guests for money.

Oh no, here it comes!

And there she goes!

Some of her friends commented on the post before it got deleted.

The beloved Chrissy Teigen also had something to say about the ridiculous story.