10+ Awful Puns That Were Intended To Be Funny


I know that puns were made to make people laugh, give entertainment to those looking to kill some time but I think we can all agree that most puns are just plain awful and the ones that we have included on this list take it to a whole new level.

So get ready to read some of the worst puns imaginable and if you think I’m being dramatic, try reading these without getting a slight headache in the process.

#1 It was only a game of chess

#2 There was a layover at the airport

#3 Spring really is just around the corner

#4 Wal-Mart has raised it’s low prices

#5 Things are getting out of hand

#6 Did he really wear a tie with actual planes on it?

#7 Now this is self-checkout

#8 Nice periodic table

#9 What is Bill Clinton doing hiding in the bushes?

#10 This right here is a stable relationship

#11 Nothing really “mattress”?

#12 French Kiss

#13 Mama cat gently carrying her child

#14 “I came here yesterday”

#15 It’s The Black Eyed Peas Everyone

#16 No this is not a date.

#17 Look it’s a UFO caught on tape