35 Awestruck Illustrations That Show What’s Wrong With Our Society


Daniel Garcia, a professional illustrator who does an illustration on political and human issues, has recently shared his views on a serious topic about what today’s society is dealing with by creating thought-provoking illustrations. These arts are so compelling that it is literally showing the problems afflicting the world nowadays.

In his painting, he has talked about how technology has a big impact on relationship changes?, how we wanted to save the world but dependent on other people’s slave work?, What are the ideas that free and restrain us?, are some of the important issues he addressed.

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1. A Successful Man

2. Greta Thunberg

3. Artificial Intelligence President

4. Media And Facts

5. We Rule The World

6. Fashion

7. Out Of Job

8. Divorce

9. Facebook Death

10. Trump’s Wall

11. The Virus

12. Immigrants

13. Depression

14. Online Privacy

15. Freedom

16. Facebook Spies

17. Politicians

18. Fake News

19. Ego

20. I Own The Water

21. Clean The Planet

22. Crushing Creativity

23. You You You!

24. Plastic Islands

25. War & Business

26. Relationships

27. Health Is A Business

28. Amazon Is Burning

29. Overwork

30. Your Own Personal Slaves

31. Walking Together

32. Gender Gap

33. Poverty

34. Pro-Life

35. Clean The Planet