Everyone has a few guilty pleasures or past-times that you wouldn’t be caught discussing in public. Horoscopes are one such past-times for a majority of people. It’s so difficult to skip past horoscopes.

Almost always, horoscopes sugar coat the information to please the readers. It’s better to have facts straight because truth isn’t easy but neither does it hurt.

A Toronto settled artist came up with a creative solution to this. Amrit Brar, started an unusual page for zodiac predictions on Tumblr in 2015. It’s called Shitty Horoscopes because they cut out the crap. These predictions are accompanied by equally unique ( somewhat grim) illustrations


A morbid depiction of the traditional Ram with burnt candles and fungus growing in the skull.


Amrit Brar

This shows a decorated human skull and the horns of the bull with vines and a tooth on a string instead of the raging bull.


Amrit Brar

The twins who generally face the opposite directions are facing eachother where one has a dagger and the other skeleton is holding an eye.


Amrit Brar

Instead of the existing crab as the symbol, here a crab is attached to a human spinal cord resting on leaves.


Amrit Brar

Probably the least morbid depiction with plants growing in a skeleton resting on mud.


Amrit Brar

A scorpions stinger attached to a human spine and upper body while the stinger is attacking it’s own spine shows it backstabbing itself.


Amrit Brar

The illustration shows a ribcage attached to an arrow which is strung tight on the bow with flowers adorning it instead of the centaur preparing to shoot it.


Amrit Brar

Less grim than others this drawing shows a skull of an animal in the hands of a human with mandalas and flowers on the side.


Amrit Brar

Hands holding the jaw and the head of the skull and a pot depicts the confused state of mind an Aquarian experiences.


Amrit Brar

Fish skeleton attached to a human skeleton looking in the mirror depicts self reflection.