In These 10+ Illustrations Artist Perfectly Illustrates The Joys Of Living Alone


Yaoyao Ma Van As has created a series of illustrations that paints her everyday moments of living alone with her pup in Los Angeles. She is a vegan and an animal lover.

Source: Instagram | Website

#1 Spend some quality doing something which is actual fun

#2 During the daytime, you can relax, and dream a bit

#3 You can work while your pets have fun on their own

#4 Using flowers to decorate your apartment

#5 Enjoy Autumn with long walks

#6 Taking a break from your appetite to make a feast

#7 Walking down the rain

#8 Bookshelves can be your favorite place to spend time

#9 Discover yourself fully

#10 Let your day begin with a cup of tea and morning sun

#11 Long bathroom hours are always delightful!

#12 …to prepare yourself for the best season of the whole year

#13 There is no need to rush to get ready. Take your time and dress well.

#14 Spare a day to sort your winter clothes

#15 Do whatever you want. Just be yourself!

#16 Let the emotions flow out while listening to a sad song or crying when watching a movie



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