This Artist Illustrates Realistic Situations Of Disney Movies


How many times have you given your most-liked animated movies an alternate ending in your mind? Countless, we guess! Films generally lack logic, and that’s just because they want to make it entertaining! Yes, you heard that right. While we might give some logic to movies, we will either make them too short or maybe even dull. When an artist called Santiago Esparza remade some of our favorite Disney movies in a logical manner, it came out to be funny! Imagine being able to see some of those alternate endings in picture form. From Aladdin to Sleeping beauty, Santiago covered our beloved childhood memories and brought our creativity to life! In Santiago’s own words, he told Bored Panda:

“My inspiration for this series is my love for these movies, some of them are my favorite. So, I like to think that I make fun of these movies, but out of love, that’s probably why it connects with so many people. They don’t see it as a critique, and they just want to laugh about the movies we all know and love.”

Scroll through to check if some of your creative endings are included.


This sure is a perfect happy ending for all three of them!

Sleeping Beauty

When the mood kicks in!

Lady and the Tramp

That elevated real quick, right!

Beauty and the beast

Well, not so happy!


Oh my god! My childhood is ruined!

Snow White

The reality mirror I would call it.

The Jungle Book

No Baloo nooooo!


Well, it’s like Ewwww!

The little mermaid

Woah! What a blunt and independent guy *duh*

Tangled Rapunzel

Seems like he played a lot like detective!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


The Hunchback of Notre-Dame


Alice in wonderland

Wreck-it Ralph

Peter Pan


Lilo and Stitch

101 Dalmatians

The Princess And The Frog

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