Have you ever thought that a doll with which you used to play in your childhood can hide dark secrets and twisted stuff in their bellies? Sound creepy right? Well, meet this fantasy doll maker Mari Shimizu who actually creates such dolls in Japan. And trust me it’s not that gruesome as it sounds. It’s cute and scary, both we can say.   

She crafts surreal figures whose bodies are often hollowed and each of them contents different stories taken from mythology, religion, death, and nature. Her most of the creations are inspired by the disconcerting yet explorative works of art by Hans Bellmer.   

Mari creations are absolutely captivating that shockingly remind us how our body is a container for complex inner worlds. You must have a look! 

1. Where Eve Is Under The Spell Of Devil


2. Oddly Beautiful! Isn’t It?


3. Angelic Music Coming From The Skin

4. A Entire Dollhouse Indeed!


5. Those Inner Desires!


6. A Cure For Inner Sickness Is Hard To Find!


7. Now This Is Scary!


8. Beauty Within The Beauty!


9. A Yearning Hope!


10. The hidden that comes forth.