After Reading These Tweets you’ll know what Married Life Is Really Like


Marriage isn’t all buying each other flowers, or romantic candle-lit back rubs like it’s made out to be in the movies, as much as we all wish it was. It’s more like, reminding your significant other to pick their socks up off the floor, or maybe ringing them at work begging them to bring you toilet paper because they didn’t replace the last roll even though you’ve told them to PROBABLY A MILLION TIMES!!!!


Did you hide my hairbrush? I KNOW YOU DID

I’m having flashbacks of when my fiance watched our show without me… Pure evil.

Also: Tomatoes.

Maybe if you do it so poorly she gets mad at you, she’ll never let you do it again!

Did you? No… But, DID YOU

Or breathe too loudly. Or blink with attitude.

Oh, because the WOOD needs love attention but not our spawn

Maybe next time I’ll forget to tell you I’m late and maybe we’ll both be on time!

I REALLY hate sharing…

I will stick to the budget… Riiiiiight after this!

“Turn over you’re breathing in my face”

No. I definitely do not.