33 Funny Adorable Photos Of A Guy Photoshops Himself Having Adventures With Disney Characters


Since childhood, we always have been in love with all Disney characters dream to meet or live with them in real life. But as we grew, we realised that is never going to happen. However, one artist didn’t give up on his dream.

The artist, Luigi Kemo Volo from Italy, is actually living the life with Disney characters. This graphic designer and illustrator is best known for his photo montages where he magically paired himself with Disney characters which look like as if they were real people.

Be ready to get jealous of him!





It took any artist quite a long time to find their path. Just like a normal person, Luigi began his work career as a bartender and with that worked as a part-time photographer for a few years. He also tried his hand at creating street art back in 2002, not only that he even worked as a writer. After a while, the artist came back to photography before he finally decided to become a freelance illustrator in 2014.




In an interview with online media, Luigi explained that as a photographer and illustrator, he tries to combine both of his passion that is drawing his favourite animated characters and create an interesting interaction.






The artist has loved Disney movies and their characters since he was a kid and is very passionate about them. However, it was his nephew who inspired Luigi to start the series – Luigi wants him to believe that the magic is there, and so are the characters, are real.

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