A Few Of The Cringiest Moments Of Our Lives

As they say, “To err is human”, it’s a good thought but it doesn’t really work, you know? Honestly, our lives are one embarrassment after the other just separated by snacks. Am I right?

These moments sneak up on you. It’s super difficult to recover from them. Most just end up leaving you all red in the face. Sometimes you end up with a hilarious story. Although mostly you just want the floor to swallow you whole.

Below are some of the most painfully awkward, cringey, horrible moments of our lives. We have all experienced these and if you say you haven’t then you’re lying, my dear.


1. Always clear your browser history.

Honestly, the kitty looks more pissed than the girl.

2. Happens almost every time

And the worst part? This happens many times in one day because of the crowds!


3. Is that awkward or lucky moment?

4. Nothing can make you feel more left out.

This is genuinely the worst.


5. Ohh, Harry!

Still better than being the 5th wheel, 7th wheel or … you get where I’m going right?

6. Very few can relate to this one.



7. Oops

It’s supposed to say CANADA! yes, it shows THAT instead.


I can just feel that stink eye.

18th is the cringiest one.


9. Do you think your girlfriend is the prettiest girl in the world?


God this is the worst! You haven’t even done anything.


11. I’m still confused.

12. I will now proceed to kill myself. Thanks. Bye.

13. Hahaha, yeah yeah.

14.  Life can so unfair.

15. That’s really weird


Another life is unfair moment.



Leave them a note. Pack your bags. Burn your house. Get the hell off the face of the earth.


Oh, look! The fan is so interesting.


Oh, look! The fan is so interesting.


I may or may not be experiencing some attraction towards you. I may be just bored. Maybe you’re looking terrible. Who knows?



Them either accept and profusely apologize. Or live with the fact that there is someone in this world who HATES you.


One of the most awkward encounters. Specially if you’ve got no buffer in between and you end up just hugging each other repeatedly.



Or just get that awkward smile over with.


Then getting paranoid and making eye contact with EVERY CCTV camera.



At this point, you should just walk away. Nothing can save you.


Again with the awkward ‘ehehehhe’ laugh 🙁



and then everyone is concerned while you’re just sitting there with a red face.


Just stare straaiiiight ahead. No wandering eyes, my dear.

So, I’m sure you’re cringing real right now. And at least one of the things MUST have happened with you in the past week, right?

But we’re all humans and it’s a part of life or whatever:). It still sucks though.

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