It Is not necessary that failure is an end. Sometimes Failure became Great Win.

When you see Quite far Life hack seems to be Very Useful and cool But most of them are not Work Properly Most of Lifehack can’t Be use In our Day to Daylife. But it can be used in the source of entertainment And make us Laugh out loud. let’s have look some of funny life hacks done by crazy people

#1 How to Deal When You Don’t Have Spoon


It seems that This person have quite well experience to deal with Daily Life problems :p

#2 Activate the techie within

This Man Know How to Use Folk Rightly :p

#3 Try New Kind Of slippers

When you Don’t Find Your Slippers Try This In emergency case 😛

#4 Starving for Food but Can’t afford A stove?

Try This And You will Definitely become an iron man

#5 When the phone’s battery Is Your Priority

He Is really Appling The phrase that every Teacher/Parent Said to a child “Use Your Head Dumbo”

#6 For Little  houses

Want to Enjoy Extra Space in Your House. you just need an old Bus buddy nothing else.

#7 When you Don’t Know How to use Chopsticks

Impressive When An Indian person went to China He discovers its path Quite well 😛

#8 Cooking At ULTRA level

This Man Is living in 3018 Salute to him

#9 Say No to getting bored at church!

When What’s the score is as important as a prayer to god

#10 Everyone must know this

Make Sure Your Friends Also Know about it unless share it with them

#11 Beer pong challenge calls for desperate methods

When You Can’t Afford proper Table for that Use ur Sibling room’s door that will be fun

#12 Say No to tears

He is the real superhero with real power onion man

#13 Need extra bowls at home?

Get a Mercedes and your wife will use it properly at home :p

#14 No more Electricity  cuts for you

To save money from electric bill Use it to getting high You will save a lot of money 😛

#15 Are You tired from earphones tangling?

spray It and say goodbye to your earphone wires tangles 😛 Cash on delivery available order online right now

#16 This guy’s traveling pillow is super secure From losing

When you don’t trust your gf and sleep is your priority


#17 Germs free washed spaghetti anybody?

When your mom filled all your noodles with ketchup and you don’t want that try this.

#18 Do the math

when quantity is your priority

#19 cheaper, the better

This Bookmark will Make u inspired to complete the book when u change it to 1000$

#20 A Sticky selfie stick

It’s pro level photography when u need a selfie try this .

#21 Don’t like cold  coffee?

style=”text-align: center;”>Starbucks needs to try this for hot coffee

#22 Fitness Goals

When U want six-pack but also want it within a tasty way

#23 Trick to be Rich

Hurry Limited period offer

#24  Orange holders Are next big  thing

don’t waste your plastic bottle’s cap it has huge value sell it as orange holder

#25 the key to happiness

Best bathroom tip ever must share with your best friend 😛