Even after a huge advancement and development, women are still being pestered by random people via various media including the internet. That can be well-depicted through the text messages they receive on day to day basis which ruined their trust in manhood.

All you have to do is just peep in a woman’s mobile messenger and go through the texts she gets from some odd person. Undoubtedly, that will make you feel sorry and repentant. However, this is not what every single guy do but some morons are incapable to respect the females the way they need to be.

So, here are some examples that will illustrate the shameful and humiliating behaviour of people.

#1 When a guy plots a story to veil his attempt of chasing you and collecting your information.annoying messages


#2 Can there be nastier?
annoying messages

#3 A description of a male’s disgusting and unmannerly conversationannoying messages

#4 They just need a chance. Don’t they?annoying messages

#5 When they try to be smart but end up being a pigannoying messages