10+ Clever Disney Movie Jokes That Are Still Funny For Adults


#1 You probably chuckled at this gag in Frozen, even if your kids didn’t.

#2  And this subtle fellatio joke in Toy Story 3.

#3 There’s this little aside to Pongo:

#4 And when Cars clearly had a sign for a topless bar.

#5 There’s that time that Kronk “pitched a tent” in The Emperor’s New Groove:

#6 And chances are you didn’t fully understand this joke from the Aladdin sequel, either.

#7 You might not have understood this deleted scene if you were a kid the first time you saw The Incredibles.

#8 And Buzz Lightyear’s reaction to Jessie makes more sense as an adult.

#9 There’s this clever little line from Hocus Pocus:

#10 Hercules was hella smart, tbh.

#11 You’d have to be pretty brushed up on your Greek literature to get this one.

#12 And Hercules dropped this one.

#13 When Ratatouille dropped this subtle joke.

#14 And finally, this ever-so-quick glance down in Ratatouille.