10+ Awkward Fashion Trends That Will Make You Facepalm


Given fashion trends will tell you that creativity has no limits. People can design anything.

Pinky Shorts

A boy is traveling on a train wearing bright pink shorts and pink socks. He looks so annoying and awful.

There’s a difference between ripped and distressed.

In this picture, a boy is wearing a purple dress which ripped from almost everywhere.

Source of inspiration for this designer must be wonder woman.

In this picture, a woman is wearing an ornament in her leg which is seen only in Wonder Woman shows.

Would you still call it a dress? I will call it stress.

In this picture, the woman is wearing a dark green blazer with light blue denim. The denim is ripped from top to bottom. This dress is nothing but stress. Sorry girls! Need to take care of your dressing sense.

The girl looks pretty but the outfit…

In this picture, the girl is looking nice and pretty, but her outfit destroys her looks. The girl is wearing a maroon color sweater and blue color’s stockings, and over it, she is wearing something which looks like the mat which we have in our cars.